Balcony Waterproofing 

The extreme form of Balcony Waterproofing is where ceramic floor tiles are used to water proof.

Swimming pool or shower tiles that water leaks through damage the concrete surface and result in damp. Swimming pool tiles are specially designed to have less than 0,05% moisture absorption. These are areas we have many years experience and success stories since registered in 2001.

We work fast and complete the waterproofing contract in time agreed utilising our 30 staff like a production line with eight helpers and their supervisor on site at any time. Dedicated cleaners to remove construction rubble at all times.

We use environmentally friendly industrial chemicals to produce a unique life proof system. These are purchase in large volumes direct form the manufactures, thus we can forward this cost saving on to you! Bringing you the best quality at below market related prices!

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Balcony water drainage and Removing Tiles
will Guarantee a 10 year leak proof  system.

Remove existing Tiles, Existing waterproofing and screed (if necessary).
Care need to be taken with electrical wires running inside the screed. 
Also not to remove any concrete or reinforcing “y-bar”.

waterproofing-a-balcony-removing-tiles-and-the-plint stage 1

waterproofing-a-balcony-removing-tiles-and-the-plint-stage 2

Damp and water treatment Perpetration

Remove tiles clean surface

Re-screed to deliver water to the outlets using latex / bonding liquid / plaster key to add strength and water is substituted and drying is quicker, especially when rain is coming and the waterproofing needs to be installed! Screed must dry enough to not cause solvent entrapment (water trapped under waterproofing)

Run off water flow to drainage points

Run off water outlets are designed according to the law and determined by the collection area in ratio to the outlet area. The roof above this balcony should only exhaust onto the ground floor.

Dress all structural cracks in the slab

Place slip joints to allow the building to move and not break through the waterproofing, should be properly treated with penetrating water repellent.

Our trade secrets are not described here from our 20 years experience for example this relates to the structural crack surrounding the balcony edges.

Plastering screed and preparation


Completed balcony waterproofing system

Why use us to paint your home?

Our strength lies in our intellectual capital and proven know how to repaint and waterproof your home to complement a 20 year painting life proof system.
balcony waterproofing Video’s

Depending on the balcony design

This may require that a door be removed, the threshold waterproofed & door replaced.

The reason for this door threshold slab crack is because the 1st floor slab and balcony slab are built independently

Re-waterproof the balcony floor

Apply an cement base system so the tile adhesive can anchor as they are the same cement family.

Some developers / builders use bitumen (a tar like material) which gives off a gas and dehydrates thus the tiles come loose after about 5-10 years.

Try avoid this burn-on system.

Tile grout

Re-tile using waterproof tile grout. It is critical here to use a light colour floor tile like White (30 degrees centigrade) or Beige to avoid heat build up.

Long life comes from reduced expansion and contraction!
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